Napolean Bonaparte four colour screen print.


Some bad news and good news about the book…
Bad news first: the ‘A History Of Us‘ book will be delayed again. I wanted to let you all know earlier than today but the printers haven’t been able to tell me when the pallet of books would arrive until just half an hour ago. I am in all honesty exasperated with them by this point and I know some of you might be feeling the same. We will now be shipping the book 5th November.
Good news now: everyone who has preordered the book will receive an exclusive ‘Napolean’ screen print with their book. We were planning to do this before this book delay anyway and leave it as a surprise but we thought we’d share it now to soften the blow. It’s a hand printed four colour print on Heritage Rag 300gsm, 13cm square in size, embossed, signed and numbered. Only those of you kind enough to preorder the book will receive this print and it won’t be available anywhere else.
If this delay has caused a problem for you, please let us know and we’ll do our best to sort something out. Again, thank you for your extreme patience. The book is nigh!

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