One thought on “PREP’D

  1. Hey can you make a twitch account and stream your art. I am a long time fan of yours. I used to be on your Fb page then I deactivated my account a few years back. I thought of you and I had to ask you to do this because I found a nice community of people and artist that would enjoy your work and support you. Im glad I could remember you off the back of my head. If your work can do that for me imagine what others would feel. This is just a request and if you have any questions feel free to contact me with the given email. ill follow you everywhere you go. if you do decide to make one send me a message on twitch ( ill be glad to help you with anything.
    (my Fb name was Tyheem Wiz Kidd Rivers
    it was a picture of me and a group of guy or my graduation picture. I use send you fanny mail and comments)

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