Two commissioned paintings we sprayed recently that are now happily hanging on a wall in Singapore. Quite convenient that we could cut all the circles into one layer and spray them individually for ‘Spot Of Bother’. And very unusual for us to get this messy when painting ‘Fast And Loose’; the subtlety of the process was actually quite surprising.



fast_and_loose_detail1_framed fast_and_loose_detail2_framed fast_and_loose_process1_framed

fast_and_loose_process2_framed fast_and_loose_process3_framed fast_and_loose_process4_framed

fast_and_loose_corner_framed spot_of_bother_corner_framed spot_of_bother_detail1_framed spot_of_bother_detail2_framed spot_of_bother_process1_framed spot_of_bother_process2_framed

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