Currently working on an unusual commission, so thought a video of the process would be interesting. This is the setup for shooting from above whilst cutting the stencils.

I’ve stuck a tripod leg down the monitor stand pole and then the central column holding the camera comes out at a 90 degree angle. An altogether better approach than jamming it behind the radiator in the previous house!



Any artist will tell you about the curse of diminishingly decent clothes. You nip into the studio to grab something and after half an hour of tinkering, you realized you’ve ruined your newest shirt with inexplicable paint smears. I try not to venture out to the studio in the garden unless I’m wearing this hoodie (six years old and going strong) and a particularly tatty pair of jeans to minimize the curse.


Then there’s Mrs Pahnl’s paint hoodie (previously one of my own perfectly clean hoodies), which is about two or three years into it’s service.