I’ll get up a proper page for the pieces we painted for Graffiti Street’s ‘Underground 2016‘ show next week (having a week off, with the exception of emails and posting orders) but here are some shots of the final pieces! ‘Not Quite Right’ is pictured above, then you have ‘This Is Fine’ and ‘Missed A Bit’ below!

‘Missed A Bit’ sold on opening night but the other two are available for £750 from Graffiti Street, although the listings aren’t up yet, so if you can’t wait, email hello@graffitistreet.com





A peek at the third and final piece for tomorrow’s (Thursday) ‘Underground’ show launch! I’ve sprayed my phone too many times during the course of using it as reference…
More details about the show at www.graffitistreet.com/graffitistreet-presents-underground-2016-urban-art-group-show


Few new pieces in the works for Graffiti Street’s ‘Underground’ show opening this Thursday! Hope to see some of you there 😀

Read more at http://www.graffitistreet.com/graffitistreet-presents-underground-2016-urban-art-group-show/