No one is punctual these days.

Thanks to Keith Lack for suggesting ‘the end is nigh’ for this week’s Wildcard Wednesday. So there’s bad news and good news. Bad news:tThis is indeed the last wildcard sticker for now but you never know when it might come back.
Good news: we’re working on a Wildcard Wednesday book! We won’t be opening up any preorders (due to the mayhem last time from the AHOU book) but we’ll keep you posted!



Thanks to Richard Turner for suggesting ‘temper tantrum’ for this week’s Wildcard Wednesday. Sometimes coming up with a sticker for the week is easy and other times, you just want to scrap it all. The two came together this week.


This one’s definitely heading to the glue factory.

I had a lot of fun with this week’s Wildcard Wednesday sticker. I use clear vinyl for my slaps, which meant I could paint the black hidden soldiers first, then their white outline (along with the reverse side of the Troy soldier) and the inside of the horse, before painting the exterior of the horse and Troy soldier again. When stuck onto glass, you can see both sides!

Thanks to Jon Stroud for suggesting ‘trojan horse’ for this week, great suggestion.