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The dog wanted that bone, it wanted it more than anything else.
Oblivious to his surroundings, he continued to chase after the bone, pounding the ground with each paw.
Relentless, hungry and hopeful, the dog was happy.

I'm very happy to present the 'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup, crafted by hand from start to finish. At just under 4" tall, the dog has fancy magnetic feet and a tasty bone swinging on, like, real string! The model is cast from the eighth and final dog in a line of sculpted prototypes. I knew nothing about urban vinyl or mould making when I first started out and so it was a laborious journey to get here. Each of these pups are cast and painted by hand, produced to the highest of standards and enclosed within a robust perspex and stainless steel display case, which I‘ve also made myself.

Photos of the dog can be found on the Off Street page. I hope you enjoy the video and seeing how the dog came to be!

For those of you that may be interested in purchasing the pup,
a first edition 'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup is currently available for preorder.


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