Not is all as it seems!


A multi-layered clear acrylic piece that tells a little story when viewed from the front and the back. Interesting one to spray because each stencil layer had to be sprayed twice: the first colour sprayed would show on the reverse and the second sprayed colour would show from the front. Bit of a mindfuck at times!

Available from Upfest Gallery!





So this is a multi-layered clear acrylic commissioned piece we recently finished. Measuring 120 x 50cm and weighing a ridiculous 36kg, this was a beast of a piece to work on and quite possibly the most nervous thing we’ve ever had to ship! Plenty more photos of the piece, and the process of making it, over here if you’re curious.

Oh and will update the site with our NYC trip soon but if you’re eager to see what we got up to, head to our Instagram in the meantime.