It’s a new and bright (albeit chilly) Saturday. Whilst you’re working out what to do with your precious weekend, I’d love to hear your suggestion for Wildcard Wednedsay. Blurt out a random word or phrase, I’ll pick one to use as a starting point for a drawing and then you get to see it on the street come Wednesday. What do you have for me?


What’s good, everyone? So, you know it’s Saturday today… that means two things for me: a distinct lack of couriers waking me up in the morning and asking you for your excellent Wildcard Wednesday suggestions. Let’s have another democratic one this week!

Suggest a random word or phrase (to maybe be chosen as a starting point for a sticker) and then ‘like’ any other suggestions you like. Whichever suggestion has the most ‘likes’ by Monday evening will become a sticker.

Saturday Suggestions

In case you’ve not come across Wildcard Wednesday before, let me explain. You suggest a random word or phrase. I then pick one suggestion to expand into a little sticker piece for the street.

Once Wednesday rolls around, you get to see what has come out of the chaos. So! Please! I would love to see what you can blurt out this week and we’ll take it from there, eh!