The characters we paint were originally inspired by street signage, so it seemed only natural to take them back to where they came from! I thought it’d be interesting to see the whole process of these metal signs being drawn, cut, painted and installed. Filmed courtesy of a Polaroid Cube in my mouth, which I like to think looks a little less stupid than a head strap mount. Check out the video below!



I’ll get up a proper page for the pieces we painted for Graffiti Street’s ‘Underground 2016‘ show next week (having a week off, with the exception of emails and posting orders) but here are some shots of the final pieces! ‘Not Quite Right’ is pictured above, then you have ‘This Is Fine’ and ‘Missed A Bit’ below!

‘Missed A Bit’ sold on opening night but the other two are available for £750 from Graffiti Street, although the listings aren’t up yet, so if you can’t wait, email