We made the journey to Upfest 2015 to paint a rather epic battle between man and machine, which you can check out right here! We also now do a thing called Wildcard Wednesday, take a look.

Posted 28th July, 2015


Our latest solo show, 'A History Of Us', is now open at The Herbert in Coventry, which runs until 4th October. It is now with great pleasure I can share with you a short film of the work that went into the show and is the result of two years preparation, 1,107 stencil layers and nine days of furious painting. With over 282 important inventions, notable figures and famous discoveries in the timeline, each with it's own caption. There's a fair bit to see!

There are also a bunch of new screen prints that were released as part of the show, which can be found in the store!

Posted 13th June, 2015


So I'm very happy to announce 'A History Of Us', a stencilled (sort of) history of the human race. Open from 13th June to 4th October, 'A History Of Us' is my second solo show, which will be held at The Herbert in Coventry. The video above will explain everything for now!

You can stay up to date with the show on Facebook here.

In other news, there's a couple new pieces to see on the commissions page and a gargantuan 'Madison Square Garden' painting.

Posted 8th April, 2015


We were in Paris the other day and I made a little video filmed with my mouth. See photos and read more about it here if you fancy!

Posted 14th February, 2015


A quick update to share another recent commission, titled 'Gone Fishing'. Work continues on other projects, can't really share much for the timebeing but I'm having fun.

Posted 19th January, 2015


There's a new piece to see on the commissions page, it features a lot of odd chairs because the person commissioning it engineers airplane seating. There you have it.

Posted 24th December, 2014


There were Christmas decorations available in the store, titled 'Twas The Night', and they sold out incredibly quickly.

Ehm, nothing else to say right now.

Posted 2nd December, 2014


I finally have the pleasure of sharing the print work we have been pulling over the past four months. It hasn't been easy but I can also say it has definitely been worth all the effort.

First up are the 'Definitions' series of prints that are a more honest kind of dictionary definition. There's four in this initial release (if they go down well, I've a nice list of other words to tackle), featuring love, home, happiness and, my personal favourite, graffiti.

Secondly, as you may have already seen from the video above, is the 'The Writing's On The Wa' print. We've pulled a hundred of this little things to giveaway and to say thanks for everyone's support over the years. There's currently a chance to win one going on at my Facebook page and there'll be other opportunities to win one via Twitter, Instagram and even the mailing list.

Posted 14th October, 2014


I might not cycle as much as I'd like because I'm (very fortunately) kept busy with all this stenciling lark but The Tour was an absolute pleasure of a commission to paint. It's on a legit street sign and everything!

Yes...yes...the new print series hasn't been released yet but they're coming. They are.

Posted 29th September, 2014


You can find a new painting on the Commissions page right now that was inspired by an illustration from a book titled 'Undine'. It's definitely not a subject matter I'd paint of my own accord but it was nice seeing the scales come out and a new palette to paint.

Anyway, we're still tinkering away with screen printing and there's other commissions in the works. I'm in the odd position of being busy but not really being able to share much. With that said, I now have an Instagram account! I try to share behind the scene photos when I remember to do it, so take a look.

Posted 9th September, 2014


We've been setting ourselves up with screen printing gear in the studio lately. I've built a suction table for holding prints in placed whilst they're pulled, a box for drying the coated screens and a whole host of other tools are now added to our arsenal.

Screen printing isn't as straightforward as stenciling, in so far as there are a lot of chemicals involved and plenty of nuances to learn. Nonetheless, it's going to be great to pull our own prints soon! Above is one of the test sheets from experiments and it's incredible to see things shaping up so quickly.

Posted 30th July, 2014


I just released a new edition of buffers painted on hand cast concrete slabs, which is titled 'We Are Here'. They weigh a stupid amount but painting concrete is just so lush. Oh, and there's a few new pieces to see on the Commissions page as well.

Posted 23rd June, 2014


I put up some quick posters the other day. I'm busy with work for a show next year but I wanted to get something up whilst the weather was decent.

Posted 4th May, 2014


Hot off the paint table is my latest piece 'The Chase, Part One'. It's a little different from some of my usual work, so have a look if you fancy!

Posted 27th March, 2014


I've been playing with a bit of fire and I had some fun with wood, resulting in 'Revolt'. I love playing with new materials and the obvious direction to go when you're using wood is to, well, burn it!

Posted 11th March, 2014


I'm very pleased to present to you the all new Pahnl site! I've spent the past couple of months working on and off to bring this site together pieced from various bits of code I could scavange from online communities. Many, many thanks to Tom and Arden for their help in cleaning parts of my code up (only for me to quickly ruin it again) and for their advice when I was having issues.

The old site relied on thumbnails too much and didn't integrate text into the page too well. This redesign puts image front-and-center, whilst allowing text to breath a little more as well. I hope this makes it easier for you to browse the site, so please take a look around!

There's also new work in the Street section, titled 'The Buffer's Soliloquy' that introduces a bit of narrative to my usual sticker fare.

Posted 6th March, 2014


I am very proud to announce that 'But This Is Not How it Ends', the final painting in 'The Chaos Trilogy', is now complete and available for your lookin' eyes. There's even a process film of the piece being painted.

If you can't afford the original painting (totally reasonable), there is of course a screen print edition available, which doesn't skim on a single detail!

Posted 10th December, 2013


I now have a Facebook page where I'll be sharing all the news, photos and the odd competition.

I already have a user account on Facebook, which I'm still very happy for people to add me on, but this new page allows you to stay up-to-date with my work whilst keeping your own profile private.

That's it for now but a new piece is in the works featuring braaaaaiiinnnsss...

Posted 28th October, 2013


I had a good break in Tokyo a month or two back and you can see a bunch of the stickers I got up whilst I was over there right here. Weird country but not weird for the reasons I had initially expected. Anyway, that's about it for now, back to work.

Posted 9th OCtober, 2013


If you want to see the sprawling city, named 'Lowdown', that I painted for my debut solo show, you can head here to explore the whole city for yourself. As well as that, you can read the entire newspaper for free as well. There are a lot of links between the city and the newspaper, so pay close attention!

Posted 16th June, 2013