So it has finally landed! This hardcover book gathers all 52 weeks stickers from the project in a beautifully printed piece, complete with exclusive insight into the series.

Thank you so much to everyone that made this project possible, we truly mean it! Even if your suggestion didn’t end up as a sticker, we did our best to write down everyone’s name down along the way, so that we could include it in the book!



So we live streamed yesterday and drew, cut and painted a piece from scratch! It was definitely an odd experience to be sharing what is normally a private process with everyone that tuned in but it was a great atmosphere! We originally wanted to make something within 100 minutes but that restriction swiftly went out of the window. Below are the two parts of the video that you can watch at your own leisure if you’re interested.

The final piece, ‘High Voltage‘, is now available in the store.



Currently working on an unusual commission, so thought a video of the process would be interesting. This is the setup for shooting from above whilst cutting the stencils.

I’ve stuck a tripod leg down the monitor stand pole and then the central column holding the camera comes out at a 90 degree angle. An altogether better approach than jamming it behind the radiator in the previous house!



No one is punctual these days.

Thanks to Keith Lack for suggesting ‘the end is nigh’ for this week’s Wildcard Wednesday. So there’s bad news and good news. Bad news:tThis is indeed the last wildcard sticker for now but you never know when it might come back.
Good news: we’re working on a Wildcard Wednesday book! We won’t be opening up any preorders (due to the mayhem last time from the AHOU book) but we’ll keep you posted!