The 'A History Of Us' show being sandblasted and buffed away as the show comes to a close.

Nothing Is Forever

And with that, the show is done! Thank you to everyone at The Herbert for an incredible experience. To be given such a vast space with fantastic support was just perfect.

And thank you to everyone that has taken the time to visit the show in the 14 weeks it has been up. Over 20,000 of you have perused our somewhat fictitious history of humanity and we’ve enjoyed reading and hearing everyone’s response to it all. The walls may now be sandblasted and buffed away but a book of the show is available for preorder here for anyone interested.

Now, time to think of what project to tackle next!

Over five year's worth of sticky notes.

Sticky Notes Are My Boss

For the over the past five years, I’ve had a fresh sticky note on my wall every day listing the day’s tasks. He is the boss.

I went full-time with my work three years ago but I’ve been painting for over eleven now. I work at home and there’s no manager or boss setting the deadlines each day. I know using sticky notes to list tasks is exactly what they’re for but I’ve a useful tip for anyone who works on their own / freelances / whatever: write your tasks out the night before.

Here’s mine for today; it’s about 3am now (we get up at midday, so these are still normal hours for us) and you can see it’s nearly done…

The sticky note for today. Nearly done!
We’re still getting the ‘A History Of Us‘ book sorted, there was a deadline for a commission mockup, we recently did a print job for someone, planned out a talk I’m giving at Coventry University this Thursday, I came up with a sticker for Wildcard Wednesday and finally I’m making this blog post in the continued effort to share more about what we get up to here at Pahnl HQ.

There’s a couple reasons writing out a list of tasks for the day is best done the night before. Continue reading

Sticker of man scoring a try.

Saturday Suggestions

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday! Just realized I haven’t asked for your Wildcard Wednesday suggestions today. So whilst it’s halftime during the England v Wales rugby game, I’d love to hear your random word or phrase so I can pick one, use it as a jumping off point for a sticker and get it up in the street this Wednesday!

Black postal tubes and envelopes ready for dispatch.

Post It Black

It’s easy to brand everything when your main colour is black.

We usually do the postal run on Mondays, as we’ve had time to feel guilty over the weekend about orders waiting to ship. Those of you who have received a package from us will know we take a certain enjoyment in packaging our work.

Besides the obvious need to keep the contents in pristine condition, we like to add to the experience since art is, in many senses, a luxury and not a necessity. The bespoke postal tubes are probably twice or three times as thick walled as most tubesĀ  (seriously, stand on one vertically) and they’re completed with black caps and black tape. Oh and there’s black tissue paper wrapping the canvas or print up inside. And don’t forget the black hand stenciled business card.

Not every material is going to come in, say, green or red but you’ve got a good chance it’ll be in manilla, white or black, with black clearly the most decadent of the three, right?

Anyway, off to the post office now, who aren’t my biggest fans after that one time I dumped thirty 8″ diameter postal tubes at their desk for my first print release. I’ve since learnt that tubes don’t need to be so gargantuan and maybe if we have that many orders, it’s better to have them collect the lot…

Spray paint in the studio.

More Sharing

I’ve integrated a blog system into the site because I want to share more of what we get up to day-to-day. I’ve tended towards the more private route of working for a number of reasons up until this point but small forays into being more open with people has been really fun. I realized I’m fascinated with seeing and reading about how other artists work, so I’m going to push thatĀ  more here and share what goes into being a full-time artist.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the ‘A History Of Us’ book preorder, click the photo below to find out more about this chunky book of lies!

'A History Of Us' book.